With BipodeXt™ you will have a rifle shooting experience unlike anything before. This revolutionary new product provides shooters with unmatched stability and accuracy. Most models weigh approximately 1lb.

BXT 34X2
BXT 40X2
BXT 40X3

To understand the principles behind the design of BipodeXt™ it helps to visualize a rifle as a lever and its bipod as the fulcrum on which the lever rests. While BipodeXt™ is not utilized to lift weights an analogy from the lever/fulcrum axiom can still be drawn. As for the lever, the closer the fulcrum is to either end of the lever, the more leverage the user obtains. As for BipodeXt™, the further out the bipod is placed the more stable the sighting down the rifle’s scope becomes.


Some BipodeXt™ models, such as the BXT 40X3, provide for a bipod’s resting point to be placed beyond the muzzle of most rifles, thus further minimizing movement through the rifle and impressively reducing reticle drift. BipodeXt™ can be extended and retracted giving the shooter a highly adjustable and customizable resting point. Due to its round design BipodeXt™ can quickly correct canting by simply operating its clamp’s lever. This also allows for an unprecedented 360 degrees rotation of the bipod in relation to the rifle. Most models weigh approximately 1lb.



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