Accuracy Solutions team members are a combination of people devoted to the creation, design and development of products and systems in a variety of fields.


In 1990, years before Internet and email became popular, we implemented a novel use of a then-emerging technology: Mobile Computing. We connected portable computers (often located in courtrooms) to remote servers. At the time, we owned a company named Elite Legal Services, a company that provided paralegal services to attorneys. Working in tandem with our telephone company, we designed and implemented a network of file servers, portable computers and portable modems that allowed our attorney clients to remotely retrieve files on demand. The noticeable aspect of this commercial success is that it was achieved at a time when most people did not know what a “modem” was and Internet service was practically not available. Our work was featured in a newsletter published by that telephone company, it can be seen here.


Also many years ago, we developed, patented and brought to market a construction set toy then known as PowerRings, Nature’s Building Blocks®. Once we proved that a demand for the product existed we licensed the manufacturing rights to well respected Strottman International, Inc. Since then, Strottman re-branded the construction set toy as SmartLinks and it is still commercializing it to this day. This product passed the proverbial “test of time”, as it has been in the market for well over twenty years.


We are currently commercializing an accessory that is groundbreaking to the practitioners of the rapidly growing sport of long range precision shooting, and particularly useful at ultra-long ranges. The trademark name of this patent-pending product is BipodeXt™, Accuracy Extended. Other users that are showing an increasing interest in BipodeXt™ are military and law enforcement personnel; it can be seen here.


We are currently refining a concept that has been a long time in the making: a modular construction system. This system will allow for the automated (robots) erection of very large structural systems, such as skyscrapers, bridges, towers, dams and any other large structural system.”



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