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 Shooting Accuracy

Accuracy Solutions LLC
was founded by E. Daniel (“Dan”) Gyurec and his business partner and decades‑long friend, Robert (“Rovi”) Mitchell to increase precision and accuracy. Over the decades, Dan and Rovi have partnered up in a number of successful business ventures, focusing on providing service and value to their customers. They are now particularly excited, as they feel that Accuracy Solutions is the crown jewel, the gem so to speak, of their enterprises.

Accuracy Solutions is committed to providing high quality, precision products to the firearms community. Both Dan and Rovi love inventing useful, problem‑solving equipment, and are avid shooters themselves.

About Dan

Accuracy Solutions, intellectual property owned by Accuracy Solutions, is largely Dan’s brainchild. Dan is a self‑taught Geometrician, devoted to the geometry of space. Dan began his incursions study of the geometry of space in 1981, and co‑applied for his first geometry‑related utility patent in 1989. In 1992, The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted him such a patent. You can see Dan’s first U.S. geometry‑related utility patent here.

Geometry is not Dan’s only area of interest. He truly enjoys improving on existing concepts, and he does it on an ample spectrum of fields and applications. In 1990, years before internet and email became popular, Dan commercially implemented a novel use of a then-emerging technology: Mobile Computing. Dan connected portable computers (often located in courtrooms) to remote servers. At the time, Dan owned a company named Elite Legal Services, that provided paralegal services to attorneys. Working in tandem with his telephone company, Dan designed and implemented a network of file servers, portable computers and portable modems that allowed his attorney clients to remotely retrieve files on demand. The noticeable aspect of this commercial success is that it was achieved at a time when most people did not know what a “modem” was and Internet service was practically not available. Dan’s work was featured in a newsletter published by that telephone company, it can be seen here.

Daniel Gyurec explaining to Lew McCoy, of Rex Reviews podcast, how Accuracy Solutions came to be and how it benefits precision and accuracy.