Accuracy Solutions at Shot Show 2018 (Part 1)

PART 1 Shot Show 2018 was a great, horrible, overwhelming, magical, and unforgettable experience. The Accuracy Solutions team had no doubt it would be, due to their tireless efforts and long hours invested over the past several months leading up to the show. The planning and execution were well placed thanks to acknowledgment in the…read more

Looking Forward to 2018

Our first year in production has been an amazing journey. We added new team members and forged new relationships with Industry friends and strengthened existing ones. 2018 looks to be even more exciting then 2017 and it will start with a long awaited trip to Shot Show in Las Vegas. Our founder and managing member,…read more

Product Review: Accuracy Solutions – Accuracy Solutions

product-review-accuracy-solutions-bipodext By Colin Burns Ballistic_XLR November 22, 2017 The Snake Gun equipped with Accuracy Solutions My first statement holds. After using Accuracy Solutions in competition and supplying selected students with it I can’t speak highly enough of it. You can see me using it in competition below. The day was as filled with challenges as it could be. I…read more

Accuracy Solutions Holiday Pricing

With the holidays approaching get a head start on your wish list at Accuracy Enjoy Black Friday and Cyber Monday pricing a couple of days early with a 35% storewide discount. All BXT 40X3 orders have free shipping within the USA. We are clearing out our stock due to our 2018 models. More product information…read more

Charlie Melton Shoots 5000 Yards

Congratulations to Charlie Melton and the CMP (Charlie Mike Precision) Team for shooting 5,000 yards. The 5,000 yard Shot We did it! The 5,000 yard shot out in Utah was a success! Thank you to everyone that helped out and all of your hard work…….If you have a friend that is into Long Range shooting,…read more

Charlie Mike Precision Long Range Precision Training Event

Showlow AZ – Charlie Mike Precision conducted a Long Range precision course during the week leading up to September 1st, where founders Charlie Melton and Phillip Hotzen II instructed they’re students on the 7 principles of marksmanship and trained on the application of those skills during live fire exercises at extreme distances. CMP students were alsoafforded…read more

Accuracy Solutions Product Launch

Corona, CA: Accuracy Solutions, from Accuracy Solutions, is proud to announce August 21st as its release date. The bipod extender gives shooters the stability of a tripod with the versatility of a bipod in a lightweight, compact design. It is compatible with most rifle/bipod configurations including Atlas and harris-bipod.   Accuracy Solutions uses the principles of…read more

Daniel Gyurec Talks About Shooting Accurate

During RX17 (Long Range Precision Rifle Seminar) Lew McCoy, of Rex Reviews Podcast, and Daniel Gyurec, inventor of Accuracy Solutions and Managing Member of Accuracy Solutions LLC., discussed how Accuracy Solutions came to be and why it will make you shoot accurate. Mr. Gyurec first assists Lew on how to pronounce his name and explains…read more

RX17 Long Range Precision Rifle Seminar Series

Rex Bestowing Knowledge on the Class RX17 Seminar Rex of Rex Reviews held the inaugural RX17 Seminar last weekend, June 16-18, in Grapevine TX, just north of Dallas Fort Worth airport. The seminar was designed as a prerequisite to the sold out live fire training scheduled for Sept./Oct. 2017. Students will learn Long Range Precision…read more