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Press Releases

Charlie Mike Precision Long Range Precision Training Event

Showlow AZ – Charlie Mike Precision conducted a Long Range precision course during the week leading…

Accuracy Solutions Product Launch

Corona, CA: Accuracy Solutions, from Accuracy Solutions, is proud to announce August 21st as its…

New Rifle / Bipod Accessory

Accuracy Solutions Coming Soon! Corona, CA: Accuracy Solutions from Accuracy Solutions is a brand new…


Accuracy Solutions Radically Increases Your Steadiness Potential.

The long-awaited Tiborasaurus Rex review of Accuracy Solutions has been uploaded to YouTube and is…

Rock Solid Stabilization Platform

I received a call from a gentleman inquiring about a Accuracy Solutions which is a…

What Is A Fulcrum And Why Will it Make You Shoot Straighter

A fulcrum is the support about which a lever pivots.  In the case of Accuracy…

Lever And Fulcrum: The Accuracy Solutions Bipod Extention System

Working on a principle similar to sight radius, Accuracy Solutions is releasing a series of products designed to place a bipod farther forward on a rifle to maximize accuracy. The device operates on a telescopic system that attaches to a rail on the rifle’s stock or [Read More…]

Product Review: Accuracy Solutions – Accuracy Solutions


My first statement holds. After using Accuracy Solutions in competition and supplying selected students with it I can’t speak highly enough of it. You can see me using it in competition below. The day was as filled with challenges as it could be. I was using new ammo, a new BDC scope, a .223Rem in high wind conditions and transitioning targets under time pressure. [Read More…]



Accuracy Solutions



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BipodeXt on rifle system

BipodeXt on rifle system