BipodeXt Hunter PRO XL Rifle Stabilizer



We are thrilled about introducing the BipodeXt Hunter PRO XL rifle stabilizer. The BipodeXt, the most advanced, universal, innovative, and rapidly adopted precision rifle stabilizer is now available for lightweight rifles. Enters the BipodeXt Hunter PRO XL.

What makes the Hunter PRO XL an “XL”? Its incorporated LONG bipod legs! You read correctly. The Hunter PRO has a pair of solid, stable, extendable/retractable, LONG, and foldable (five foldable positions) bipod legs.

While the Hunter PRO XL delivers the same legendary benefits that its larger brothers do, it is a lighter weight, compact, and more complete solution.

Maximum rifle weight (excluding the weight of the bipod): 15 lbs./6.8 kgs.




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Product Specs
Surface Finish

Black Hard Anodized, Multicam Camo, Sandstorm Camo

The BipodeXt Hunter PRO XL stabilizer mounts to your rifle using a Picatinny or an ARCA Swiss mounting post. Both mounting systems are included in the product’s box.

When you are running with a BipodeXt Hunter PRO XL, you no longer need a bipod. Your favorite rifle stabilizer, the BipodeXt, and dependable bipod legs are all incorporated into one solid, lightweight, and compact unit: enter the Hunter PRO XL.

The legs of the Hunter PRO XL extend from 8.25 inches/210 mm to 12 inches//305 mm (from the center of Hunter’s outer tube to the ground).

This vital alteration of the geometry of the shooting platform significantly reduces the point of impact shift caused by unintentional movement at the toe of the rifle system. In addition, with the bipod’s weight moved near or even in front of the muzzle, recoil becomes significantly easier to manage and even mitigated.

The BipodeXt Hunter PRO XL has everything you need and nothing you do not need:

  • Weapon Mount: ARCA Swiss and Picatinny (both included).
  • An incorporated set of retractable, extendable, and folding (five folding positions) LONG bipod legs

All BipodeXt Hunter models are made from the same materials:

  • 3K Carbon Fiber
  • Aluminum 6061 T6
  • Brass
  • Alloy Steel
  • Stainless Steel

The Black model’s aluminum components are hard anodized in a mate black color following U.S MIL-A8625, Type III, Class 2 specifications.

The Multicam model is hydro dipped with the highly durable Multicam® pattern hydro-dipping film produced by Crye Precision.

The Sandstorm model is hydro dipped with the equally durable Sandstone pattern hydro-dipping film produced by Prym1 Camo®.

All BipodeXt Hunters carry our Limited Lifetime Warranty. If anything goes wrong, which practically never happens, simply send it in. We will promptly repair it or replace it with a new unit, free of charge.