BipodeXt MSR Rifle Stabilizer


New for this year is the freedom to attach any BipodeXt model to either ARCA Swiss or PICATINNY styled stocks or chassis. Both mounting systems are included in the box. More value. Same Price.

The BipodeXt MSR Rifle Stabilizer offers maximum stability for rifles with a limited mounting area.

The MSR Stabilizer mounts to your rifle using a single Picatinny or Arca Swiss mounting post. It allows shooters to extend the resting point over 16″ forward of the traditional bipod placement area.

This vital alteration of the geometry of the shooting platform significantly reduces the point of impact shift caused by unintentional movement at the toe of the rifle system.

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BipodeXt MOLLE Bag - 4 Colors
BipodeXt MOLLE Bag - 4 Colors
  • Black
  • Coyote
  • Multi-Cam
  • Ranger Green

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UPC 850038862572 SKUBXT-G3-2T-SM-ARCA-PICA Category
Product Specs
Weapon Attachment Type

Single QD Arca Swiss, Single QD Picatinny

Mounting Requirements

ARCA: 2.5 in / 63.5 mm, Picatinny: 6 Slots (2.75 in / 70 mm)

Max Caliber Arca


Max Caliber Picatinny

. 375 CheyTac

Max Rifle Weight



ARCA Swiss, Picatinny, Harris (Harris via our separate adapter)

Product Weight

27 oz/765 g

Product Length Contracted

15 Inches

Product Length Extended

21.5 Inches

Materials & Finishes

3K Carbon Fiber, 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy, Alloy Steel, Brass, Type 3 Hardcoat Anodizing

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Reconfiguring the BipodeXt from ARCA to Picatinny, or vice versa, takes mere minutes.   Everything needed to conduct the simple conversion is included in the box.

Compact, lightweight, and easy to use, the BipodeXt MSR Rifle Stabilizer offers a single QD lever in its Unimount and a single sliding carbon fiber tube.

The single locking bar provides super-fast, easy, secure attachment and detachment. The BipodeXt MSR Stabilizer allows the shooter to extend the resting point (fulcrum) over 16 inches forward of the typical bipod placement area. This is sufficient to place the bipod at or near the muzzle of many rifles.

This single mount, single extending tube model is rated for cartridges up to .375 CheyTac (Picatinny model) and 30-06 (ARCA model). The maximum supported rifle weight is 22 lbs./9.790 kg. for ARCA and Picatinny.

Fully extended, the BipodeXt MSR Stabilizer measures 22 inches; contracted, it measures under 15.2 inches. The O.D. of its base tube is 40mm (1.575″). It weighs less than 32 oz.


This is the third generation (Gen3s) of BipodeXt. The Gen3s provide modular and interchangeable mounting mechanisms. Using separately available kits, the Gen3s can quickly be converted to any one of four configurations:

  1. ARCA Swiss Dual Mount  (not included with this model)
  2. ARCA Swiss Single Mount – included
  3. Picatinny Dual Mount  (not included with this model)
  4. Picatinny Single Mount – included

The improvements also provide:

  • Lower center of gravity (by over 1 inch)
  • Lighter weight
  • Stronger mounting caps

The BipodeXt MSR Rifle Stabilizer’s Front Plug can take three different types of bipods:

  • Picatinny
  • ARCA Swiss
  • Harris (via a separate adapter)

The two short Picatinny rails affixed to the outer tube provide for the mounting of accessories, such as the popular MagnetoSpeed (via a separate adapter).

The bottom side of the Unimount base is made to ARCA Swiss specs, providing for the mounting of additional accessories, such as the LRA’ Send-It electronic levels (via an ARCA adapter that we make).

Our telescoping 3K carbon fiber tubes are designed, engineered, tested, and refined in the U.S.A to meet the highest tolerance requirements.


The included Bubble Level aids the shooter in correcting cant. The round tubes allow for easy cant correction. In most cases, the shooters can correct cant by operating the BipodeXt’s Base Clamp lever without having to get out from behind their rifles.

No longer does the shooter have to work the bipod to correct cant. With BipodeXt, in many cases, cant can be corrected right from the shooting position. It may not be necessary to explain how much time this single feature can save.

Is the only available resting point a tree trunk or a vertical wall? Rotate the BipodeXt’s tubes 90 degrees and rest your bipod against those. Always be careful when trying alternative shooting positions. Ensure that the bullet path is clear and unobstructed.


Additional benefits of running a BipodeXt are that recoil is mitigated and significantly easier to manage. Target re-acquisition time is reduced by multiples. Shooters are often heard shouting, “I can spot my shots!

The BipodeXt MSR Rifle Stabilizer ships without rails or accessories. If you need those, please visit our Accessory Rails page.