F.A.S.T. Chassis for Stiller Actions by Accurate Rifle Systems

Chassis typically ship within 2-4 weeks

Shoot Better!

  • Experience steady crosshairs
  • Mitigate recoil
  • Manage –reduced- recoil better
  • Reacquire your target faster
  • Spot your own shots
  • Rest your bipod on vertical surfaces (e.g. trees, walls)
  • Correct canting through the rotating tubes (lock your bipod and leave it alone!)
  • Significant weight reduction from Gen 1
  • Typical Weight:
    • Remington 700 Short 6lbs. 4oz.
    • McMillan 50 Cal 9lbs. 4oz.


Product Specs
Stiller Action Model

TAC30 Short Action, TAC300 Long Action, TAC338 Long Action-CIP 3.850 Mag, TAC408 Single Shot 1.450 Diameter, TAC408 Single Shot 1.450 Diameter Modified to take Repeater Actions, TAC408 Single Shot 1.600 Diameter