IOR Valdada 1-10×26 LTS2 FFP



1-10×26 LTS2 FFP – LTS  (Light Tactical Scope)

Light weight and flexible across the shooting spectrum. CQB and long range applications made easy.


The Valdada 1-10×26 LTS 2 FFP – LTS (Light Tactical Scope) is a first focal plane, more basic, more affordable version of our feature packed 1-10×26 Dual reticle dual illumination model. Super bright illuminated dot and circle on our X1 reticle. Perfect, compact scope for CQB applications inside 25 yards, and also long range engagements up to 1000 yards. NEW EXPOSED LOCKING tactical knobs with “zero” reset feature and zero stop. The new knobs have 0.1 MRAD clicks and a total of 35 MILS (120 MOA) of adjustment. .308 and .223 BDC turrets are available to customize the scope upon request (please contact if interested). Premium Tactical rings of your choice are included in the price. Use low rings on bolt action rifles, medium rings on AR 10’s and FN-FAL’s and high rings on AR flat tops.


  •    MAGNIFICATION                                                                         1x – 10x
  •    OBJECTIVE SIZE                                                                          26 MM
  •    FIELD OF VIEW (100 YDS.)                                                       128-12 ft.
  •    EXIT PUPIL                                                                                    2.6- 26 mm
  •    EYE RELIEF                                                                                   3.5″
  •    DIOPTRICAL ADJUSTMENT                                                    -3 TO +3 DPT.
  •    RETICLE-TOTAL ADJUSTMENT RANGE                             35 MRAD or 120 MOA @ 100yds
  •    CLICK VALUE                                                                               0.1 MRAD @ 100yds
  •    TUBE DIAMETER                                                                        35 MM
  •    LENGTH                                                                                         11 INCH
  •    WEIGHT                                                                                         25 OZ.


Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 5 × 5 in


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