IOR Valdada Patriot 9-36×5 FFP


9-36×56 FFP PATRIOT Tactical Rifle Scope


Illuminated MP-8 Extreme X1 Reticle

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New Valdada Patriot 9-36x56mm FFP Mi/Mil with 40mm tube, lots of elevation adjustment, awesome glass, is the perfect choice for extreme long range. Secondary impact indicator, fast focus +/- 4 diopter, zero stop, rezero function and mid tube focus make it very precise and efficient on any precision rifle. LD APO optical glass Schott, Germany.



  • MAGNIFICATION                                                   9-36X
  • OBJECTIVE SIZE                                                   56 mm
  • FIELD OF VIEW (at 100 yds.)                                 16FT.- 5.2 FT.
  • EXIT PUPIL                                                           6.2mm – 1.5mm
  • EYE RELIEF INCH                                                   3.75
  • CLOSE FOCUS                                                       25 FT.
  • DIOPTRICAL ADJUSTMENT                                     -4 to +4 DPT.
  • RETICLE RANGE OF ADJUSTMENT                            34 MRADS
  • CLICK VALUE                                                         0.1 MRAD
  • TUBE DIAMETER                                                    40 mm
  • LENGHT                                                                15 INCH
  • WEIGHT                                                                36 oz.
  1. Close focus down to 25 feet.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 5 × 5 in


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