The Queen’s Equalizer Kit for BipodeXt

This accessory kit allows the rifle to sit approximately 2 inches (50 mm) lower than it would typically sit when the rifle is mounted to a BipodeXt. It attaches to the BipodeXt Front Plug on the one end, and it receives a Picatinny rail on the other end. The rail can be mounted either inside or on top of the Queen’s bracket. When it is mounted on top it lowers the rifle by an additional 7/8″ (22 mm). the bipod and the barrel were never so close to each other!

This Kit ships with everything you need:

  • Queen’s Bracket
  • 17 Slot Picatinny rail
  • 10-32 x 3/4″ Flat Head Screws (x6)
  • 1/8″ Hex wrench (long arm)


More Details

The Queen’s Equalizer Kit

We affectionally named this kit after Lindsey Paul, 2021 Queen of 2 Miles USA.

We started developing the Equalizer right around the time of SHOT Show 2020. C-19 caused us to shelve it (and other) projects. In June 2022, Lindsey sent us a word through her partner, Robert Waggoner: she loved her BipodeXt, but the rifle was too high for her. That was enough for us. When the Queen is calling, we must respond swiftly! Enters the Queen’s Equalizer Kit.

This kit comprises the Queen’s bracket, a Picatinny rail, related screws, and a Hex wrench. One end of the bracket is mounted to the BipodeXt’s Front Mount. The Picatinny rail is mounted to the other side of the bracket. The rail can be mounted either inside or atop the bracket. Mounting inside the bracket will lower the rifle’s center of gravity by .200”/5 mm than its original (before BipodeXt) height. Mounting atop the bracket will lower the rifle by 1.080”/27.4 mm. Either mounting method, inside or atop, yields a net gain. As a rule, the lower the rifle’s center of gravity, the easier it is to manage, and even mitigate, recoil. If you mount the rail atop the bracket, ensure there is sufficient clearance between the rail and the barrel! Remember that most barrels whip during the firing sequence.

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