1 Product

Shoot Better!

  • Experience steady crosshairs
  • Mitigate recoil
  • Manage –reduced- recoil better
  • Reacquire your target faster
  • Spot your own shots
  • Rest your bipod on vertical surfaces (e.g. trees, walls)
  • Correct canting through the rotating tubes (lock your bipod and leave it alone!)

Shilen Rifles Inc. is a respected and renowned name in the world of precision firearms, celebrated for its dedication to producing top-tier rifles and components. With a storied history dating back to the mid-20th century, Shilen Rifles has consistently pushed the boundaries of accuracy and craftsmanship.

One of Shilen’s most notable contributions to the firearms industry is its renowned rifle barrels. The company’s reputation for precision barrels is legendary, with their products being highly sought after by competitive shooters, hunters, and precision rifle enthusiasts alike. Shilen’s barrels are renowned for their exceptional accuracy and consistency, making them a benchmark in the industry.

Shilen Rifles has not limited its focus solely to barrels. The company has expanded its offerings to include complete custom rifles and firearm components, all built with the same commitment to quality and precision. Their custom rifles are crafted to meet the unique specifications and preferences of individual shooters, ensuring that every firearm that bears the Shilen name is a masterpiece of precision engineering.

What sets Shilen Rifles apart is their unwavering dedication to excellence. Each rifle and barrel is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who share a passion for precision shooting. This commitment to quality has earned Shilen Rifles a loyal following among shooters and hunters worldwide.

In summary, Shilen Rifles Inc. is synonymous with precision, accuracy, and craftsmanship. Their barrels and firearms represent the pinnacle of quality in the firearms industry, making them a trusted choice for those who demand nothing but the best in precision shooting.