See how these bipod accessories increase accuracy and stability for rifle shooters everywhere. Extending the resting point of your bipod from the traditional bipod attachment point will reduce muzzle jump and minimize reticle drift.



When we first met John his first concern, when he laid eyes on the product, was how sturdy was it. He quickly dismissed that concern when he put his full body weight into Accuracy Solutions and the carbon fiber tubing didn’t budge. After that he couldn’t wait to get it to a range and test it out!



Charlie had the opportunity to test out Accuracy Solutions since we sent his son Matt one to try out. It’s hard not to smile seeing Charlie’s enthusiasm and “sheer pleasure” shooting with the stabilizing platform.


Accuracy Solutions doesn’t just stabilize your reticle it also has quick canting correction and a 360 degree rotational feature too.



Accuracy Solutions the introduction. This video shows the basics of the product.

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