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See how these bipod accessories increase accuracy and stability for rifle shooters everywhere. Extending the resting point of your bipod from the traditional bipod attachment point will reduce muzzle jump and minimize reticle drift.


After surviving cancer and suffering significant damage to my nervous system related to the after-effects of chemotherapy, I was disheartened to take my rifle back to the field only to learn I could not hold it steady enough to perform the way I used to. After hanging my rifle up for over a year and a half, I had the chance to try this new piece of kit that got me back into the game. The BipodeXt dramatically increases the felt stability of the firing platform. It was awesome to see how steady the cross-hairs had become once again, despite my twitching and neuropathy. I am shooting again, it was the BipodeXt that got me back on my feet after such a rough time.

Rex Tibor
President – Rex Defense LLC



Mark, of Mark and Sam AfterWork, did a table top review and briefly tested in the field. Find out what Mark said about the TAC III and subscribe to his channel to see the full review later this year.




Rex talking about Accu-Tac Bipods.




John McQuay, of 8541 Tactical, does a very comprehensive table top review of BipodeXt model TAC III. We look forward to his full review coming out shortly.



John McQuay, of 8541 Tactical, and Seth Capps, Accuracy Solutions, introduce the TAC III to the world at Shot Show 2018.