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REALIZE Your Potential

BipodeXt offers the shooter the chance to leverage all available exponents and increase their accuracy potential by as much as 70% in a lightweight, quick detachable piece of kit.

EXTEND Your Accuracy

By increasing the accuracy potential of your system, effectively you are increasing your ability to push your weapon system to ranges never before thought possible, thus experiencing ‘’Accuracy Extended’’.


Accuracy Solutions products are designed and engineered in the USA. Our TAC II and TAC III models are manufactured in southern California and fielded by U.S. LEO’s, Military, and competition shooters.

Featured Products

Archimedes’ Lever

To understand the principles behind the design of BipodeXt™ it helps to visualize a rifle as a lever and a bipod as the fulcrum on which the lever rests. While BipodeXt™ is not utilized to move heavy objects, the principle of the lever/fulcrum axiom is still in effect. By using this principle of thought, we can state that the effect of force applied to one end of the lever directly translates to the effect of that force at the opposing end. As for BipodeXt™, the further out the bipod is placed the effect of movement at the toe of the rifle is drastically reduced at the muzzle.

Some BipodeXt™ models, such as the TAC III, provide the ability for the shooter to extend the resting point (fulcrum) beyond the muzzle of most rifles, thus reducing the point of impact shift caused by un-intentional movement at the toe of the rifle system, during the climax of the firing sequence. BipodeXt™ functions as a telescoping attachment allowing the shooter to adjust and extend the resting point of the rifle system as the situation dictates. Due to its tubular design, BipodeXt™ can quickly correct canting errors with the use of the integral clamping system. This allows the shooter to employ more rigid bipod systems, by excluding the need for a bipod equipped with a canting function. The entire line-up of BipodeXt™ products weigh-in beneath 33oz.




Bipod Accessories


F.A.S.T. Chassis

See the Advantage

  • Lightweight
  • Rigid & Quick Detachable
  • Reduced POI Shift
  • Smoother Transitions
  • Faster Follow-Up Shots
  • Adaptability & Recoil Control

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