Accuracy Solutions does not just want to tell you why you will love Accuracy Solutions, it wants to prove how a rifle stability platform will improve your accuracy and stability. Hear what rifle shooters just like you have to say about their experience using the revolutionary Accuracy Solutions, and get in touch with us today about ordering yours now!


“The Accuracy Solutions bipod extender pulled every bit of wiggle out of my holds. It was like shooting from a machine rest. The thing didn’t slow me down either. Transitions between targets were just as fast as without it. ”

Colin Burns
Ballistic_XLR, Competition Shooter, Avenal, CA



“That thing is incredible! Definitely going to be a product I’m going to start using on all my long range stuff”

Charlie Melton
Ex Navy Seal Sniper Trainer, Showlow, AZ



“This thing is incredibly helpful. It really really helps. Not even exaggerating it makes it twice as good or three times as easy maybe more, it’s hard to quantify this but I will certainly tell you it makes it way easier to stay steady.”

Rex Reviews
Long Range Precision Rifle Shooter, Online Reviewer, Top Secret Location, USA




“Set up is easy; it took all of 2 minutes to have it all together. The stability was phenomenal! There is no movement out side of what i wanted it to do. I could not believe how steady it looked and felt. …the cross hairs did not even come off the target, this was especially true when I had it fully extended.”

Matt Parente
NRA Certified Instructor/Tactical Product Specialist at Meopta USA, Inc. , Long Island, NY

Rifle Stability Platform Nick shooting

“Because of my job, my throwing / shooting arm can get the shakes from time to time. With the Accuracy Solutions, I went ten for ten in the x ring right out of the drag bag!”

Nash Walters
Major League Baseball Player (pitcher), Milwaukee, WI




“Accuracy Solutions reduces reticle drift not by double but by multiples.”

John Danforth
Owner of Danforth Gunsmithing, Riverside, CA