Do you enjoy hunting, either for food or sport? Have your hunting trips become more adventurous every year, including guided trips in other countries, or long forays into the backcountry with only the supplies that you can strap onto your back?

Once a requirement of life in North America, hunting has now become a pastime for many people who are just looking to get away from civilization for a while. In our opinion, there are few things that are better than loading up the truck, tossing your favorite hunting rifle and essential shooting supplies in the back, and heading out into God’s country to reconnect with the land. Sure you may end up with some dirt under your fingernails and maybe a bump or bruise, but at the end of your trip you’ll be revitalized and have some great stories to tell the city folk back at the office.

These days, more hunters are augmenting their collection of essential shooting supplies to include bipods. We covered the reasons that you should consider adding a bipod to your list of must-have tactical attachments  in a previous blog, and now we’d like to focus on the specific benefits they can have for hunting enthusiasts. Keep reading to learn more, and be sure to take a look at our soon-to-be-launched Accuracy Solutions products in the online store!

Reasons All The Great Hunters Use A Bipod

Spontaneity – Imagine this: you’re on a hunting trip with two of your closest friends. You’re walking across a field, or perhaps through a stand of aspen trees, when out of nowhere a deer/bear/elk/turkey crosses your path. “…you might not always have a solid log or rock in front of you to be able to rest your rifle in order to take the shot, explains a Reddit user in this hunting thread. “Most shots are taken in the prone position because they’re more accurate, so using a bipod makes this infinitely more easier. just unfold and prop up the gun and take a shot.”


Decrease In Non-Killing Shots – Even if you are able to get the shot off before the deer/bear/elk/turkey realizes what your intentions are, there’s a good chance that you won’t actually kill it in the chaos of trying to get your gun up and aimed that fast. The result is likely to be a wounding/non-killing shot rather than a fatal shot. This means you can look forward to chasing that wild game “over the hills and through the woods,” increasing your suffering as well as theirs.

Accuracy At Greater Distance – Many types of hunting, especially those that happen deep in the backcountry or unfamiliar locales like African Safaris, are executed from a great distance away from the target. Each yard that separates you from your target increases the chances of an inaccurate shot, especially when your mind and muscles are tired from climbing through scrub all day, and sleeping in a tent at night. When you utilize the stabilizing forces of a bipod, you can enjoy far greater accuracy than you would if your arm muscles had to do all the work.

Improve Your Hunting Bipod With Accuracy Solutions

Ready to add a bipod to your collection of essential shooting supplies? Not so fast! There are plenty of bipods and other hunter accessories on the market, but there’s not a single one that can’t be improved upon with the addition of a Accuracy Solutions extender. Armed with your favorite rifle, a bipod, and the Accuracy Solutions, there’s definitely going to be some bucket list hunting in your future.

We hope you’ll take a moment to browse our online store to see the great products that we’ll soon be bringing to the bipod market. No longer will you have to make do with bipods that are ill fitted to your larger, longer weapons. Accuracy Solutions can work with your existing hunting bipod to deliver double the benefits that you enjoyed before.

If you have questions about the Accuracy Solutions’s specifications, or how it can be integrated into your existing collection of essential shooting supplies, please check out our FAQ page or contact us today.

Take a moment to pre-order now and you’ll be the first in your hunting group to enjoy the benefits of Accuracy Solutions!

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