The best bipod is the bipod attached to your rifle. A bipod gives shooters, especially in the prone position unmatched stability compared to without. However with Accuracy Solutions it allows your current bipod to be even better.

History Of Bipods

Bipod is made up of the Greek and Latin words “bi” and “pod.” Bi means “two” while pod refers to “the foot” or “feet.” Hence the literal definition of “two footed.” When you look at a bipod, you can see that this description is very accurate: a bipod comes with two feet that allow you to balance the weight of your rifle with more stability.

“The first firearm bipod was used around 1938. Before that, bipods were only used for cameras. They allowed the photographers to take high-quality close-up terrestrial which could be used to make maps and drawing scales,” explains In World War II, soldiers utilized bipods “were utilized in the form of sticks tied together to give soldiers a simple platform to rest their heavy weapons. The bipods enabled them to take more accurate shots while at the same time helping avoid fatigue.”

Benefits Of Shooting With A Bipod

When you use a bipod, you’ll enjoy greater:

  1. Stability – When you use a bipod, you’re able to rest your weapon against any object or surface. This could be the ground, but also includes walls, automobiles, furniture, rocks, and anything else that you might encounter in the field of combat or hunting. This means that these objects will bear the full weight of the rifle instead of your tired arm muscles. When fatigue is taken out of the equation, your mind, arms, and fingers can remain completely focused on aiming and firing.
  2. Flexibility – Bipods come in many shapes and sizes, and this flexibility is augmented even further when you use the Accuracy Solutions. Bipods can be tilted and rotated to allow you to make contact with multiple surfaces and objects, even if they’re not directly beneath you (or completely flat).
  3. Accuracy – The benefits of increased stability and flexibility combine to make you a more accurate shooter, plain and simple. “Bipods also allow you to aim accurately at your target before firing. This is made possible by the fact that most bipods have adjustable legs which you can adjust to obtain a proper shooting position,” continues Huntspot.

Popular Bipod Brands

The use of bipods is on the rise everyone from the military to law enforcement, hunters, snipers, and other types of shooters are using them. This increase in demand has given rise to many new companies making bipods for a variety of uses. So what are some of the most popular brands of bipods on the market today?

  • Harris Engineering Bipods (Made in the USA)
  • Atlas Bipods (Made in the USA)
  • NcStar/UTG Bipods
  • LRA bipod
  • Versa-Pod Bipod

Maximize Bipod Benefits With Accuracy Solutions (best bipod)

Although bipods are a great front support and add to the stability of the rifle system Accuracy Solutions can deliver a whole new experience of accuracy and stability (best bipod). Since it has both a sling stud and picatinny rail it can receive most bipods. Also with a wedged rail, that comes standard, it can connect to hunting style rifles as well as tactical rifles via a picatinny rail on the forend. The reason Accuracy Solutions adds to the stability and accuracy of the rifle system is it moves the resting point of the rifle closer to the muzzle of the rifle and beyond. Experience Accuracy Extended today! Shop Now

Best Bipod Accuracy Solutions

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