Before we delve into why bipods are important and the best bipods for long range shooting lets look at a new stability platform that works with most bipod / rifle configuations. It is called Accuracy Solutions by Accuracy Solutions and it is revolutionizing long range precision shooting.

best bipods for long range shooting
competitiion rifle with Accuracy Solutions model BXT 40×3 attached

Accuracy Solutions works by extending the resting point of your bipod towards the muzzle of your rifle and beyond without interfering with barrel harmonics. Daniel Gyurec, inventor of Accuracy Solutions, used Archimedes principles of the Lever / Fulcrum  to increase stability and accuracy.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Bipod

Shopping for a bipod? If it’s your first time, or your first time buying a bipod specifically for long range use, be sure to thoroughly evaluate their performance on the following criteria:

Adjustable Legs – Does the long range bipod you’re considering offer adjustable/telescoping legs? Without this feature, you may have trouble getting the exact shooting height that will allow you to take the most accurate shot. Any bipod that claims to be for long range shooting but doesn’t include this feature shouldn’t even be on your ‘maybe’ list.

Flexibility – The best bipods for long range shooting typically include various flexibility features, such as panning, cant, etc. When these features are present, it becomes easier for you to align the crosshairs of your scope, thus enabling sharper focus on your target.

Swivel Stud Feature – You have multiple rifles. Does that mean you need to buy multiple long range bipods? Not if they have a swivel stud feature that allows them to be mounted to just about any gun. For this reason, universal bipods are most popular with avid shooters.

Durability – You wouldn’t buy a cheap, flimsy gun for your long range shooting, so why buy a cheap, flimsy bipod? “…always go for string and durable bipods that stand the tests of time and give you the best support. Bipods made from hardened steel and aluminum have proved to be the strongest and the most durable in the market,” explains Huntspot.

Best Bipods For Long Range Shooting

Now that we’ve explored the characteristics that make truly great bipods for long range shooting, let’s take a look at a few of the most popular models that fit the bill.

Harris Engineering 1A2-BRM 6 – 9-Inch Bipod

  • Known for unparalleled stability and comfort
  • Notched legs that offer up to 5 height settings
  • Made from strong materials (aluminum alloy plus a steel mounting base)
  • Lightweight (13 ounces)
  • Includes a swing swivel stud
  • Bipod legs are foldable for easy storage

Tiptop EZ Pivot & PAN Rifle Bipod 6″ – 9″

  • Known for its strength and durability (made from aircraft-grade alloy and other metal materials)
  • Extendable legs that range between 6” and 9” inches of clearance
  • Foldable Legs with rubber fittings that prevent slippage
  • Panning (allows 40 degrees in either direction so you can track your target as it moves)

Caldwell XLA Pivot Model Bipod

  • Stable shooting support (made from very strong materials that can withstand long range guns of varying weights)
  • Durable (lightweight aluminum materials that last for a lifetime)
  • Four different height variations (switch between 6-9 inches, 9-13 inches, 13-23 inches, and 13.5-27 inches until you find the right position for the shot you want to take)
  • Easily attaches to any firearm
  • High level of flexibility thanks to superior pivot/swivel movements

BipodEXT Makes Your Long-Range Bipod Even Better!

No matter which long range bipod you choose, rest assured that supplementing it with Accuracy Solutions will take performance and accuracy to the next level. Shop now or let us know if you have any questions!

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