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Accu-Tac Bipod P-SKI Feet

The perfect companion to your Bipod to improve stability and accuracy and reduce heavy recoil. A must-have for long-range and ELR shooters.

The new Accu-Tac Bipod P-Ski Feet are the perfect accessory to complement wide stance bipods for long-range style sports. The P-Ski have the ability to tilt back and forth.

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Product Specs

Type III ( MIL-SPEC ) Hard Anodized

Ski Contact Surface

0.250" x 3.200"

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A must have bipod ski accessory

“I used these P skis for the King of 2 miles USA and they worked amazing. They keep your rifle tracking straight back and keeps everything consistent. During testing my groups had very good elevation which means I was not getting any funny bouncing or hopping taking place. These skis are a must for ELR and Long range precision.”