MagnetoSpeed Mount with Carbon Fiber Tube

This is the MK Machining’s MagnetoSpeed Adapter, delivered with our Carbon Fiber tube, instead of the original steel rod (almost 1 lb. lighter weight).

Its unique three-piece clamp works with Picatinny and ARCA Swiss rails. It needs only one slot for installation and 2” of rail space. Two-way adjustment via four stainless steel rods provides adequate adjustability of the bayonet for nearly all rifles. There is NO CANT adjustment of the bayonet, meaning if you have a tapered fore-end or a rail that is not parallel with your barrel, this mount will not work for your rifle.

This adapter is designed for the MagnetoSpeed V3 bayonet.  Sporter and V2 bayonets require a separate adapter.

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Product Specs

Best of both worlds! Problem solved! Please read on.

We ship the MK’s MagnetoSpeed Adapter with a carbon fiber tube instead of a steel rod. MK’s steel 12″ rod weighs 1 lb. 3 oz. Our carbon fiber 13″ rod weighs 1.4 oz. You read that correctly: the carbon fiber rod is approximately 19 times lighter than the steel rod, yet it provides the same (or more) stiffness and stability.

The MagnetoSpeed is popular for solid reasons: it works well every time. Its only drawback is that it is factory-designed to attach directly to the barrel. Savvy shooters do not like that because of the obvious: interference with barrel harmonics.

The MK Machining (MK) MagnetoSpeed Adapter provides mounting options other than attaching the MagnetoSpeed directly to the barrel. However, MK’s solution is sometimes faced with a new problem: vibration or oscillation of its (often very long) supporting rod.

What is the final and complete solution? Attach the MagnetoSpeed via an MK Machining (MK) MagnetoSpeed Adapter to your BipodeXt of F.A.S.T. Chassis. This solution is the proverbial “best of both worlds.” Leave your barrel alone (nothing directly attached to it), while keeping your MagnetoSpeed rock solid and steady. Talking about “proverbial,” pictures speak thousands of words. Be sure to check our photos and this video and this video.

To reiterate, we ship this adapter with a carbon fiber tube instead of a steel rod. MK’s steel 12″ rod weighs 1 lb. 3 oz. Our carbon fiber 13″ rod weighs 1.4 oz. This 100% carbon fiber tube is 13″ (330 mm) in length, has a 5/8″ (15.875 mm Overall Diameter, and its wall is 5/64″ (2 mm) thick.