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Shoot Better!

  • Experience steady crosshairs
  • Mitigate recoil
  • Manage –reduced- recoil better
  • Reacquire your target faster
  • Spot your own shots
  • Rest your bipod on vertical surfaces (e.g. trees, walls)
  • Correct canting through the rotating tubes (lock your bipod and leave it alone!)

Borden Accuracy stands as a prominent name in the firearms industry, renowned for their exceptional achievements in Benchrest, F-Class, and Silhouette events. Their rifles and receivers have clinched numerous accolades, including over 100 World Records and National Championships. At the core of this success lies Jim Borden, the visionary behind the company, who not only developed these remarkable firearms but also pioneered several action truing techniques that have since become industry standards in custom rifle manufacturing.

What sets Borden Accuracy apart is their unwavering commitment to precision and excellence. While many gunsmithing shops claim to adhere to benchrest standards or employ “dialed in” benchrest techniques, Borden Accuracy not only pioneered these techniques but has also validated them through registered competitions using Borden Rifles. Every product that emerges from their facility undergoes meticulous care and attention to detail, ensuring exceptional accuracy, whether it’s for hunting, recreational shooting, or competitive sports.

The prices of Borden Accuracy’s products reflect the time and dedication invested in customizing and crafting rifles and accessories to the highest standards. Their reputation for reliability and extreme accuracy extends to both hunting and competitive applications, making them a trusted choice for discerning shooters who demand nothing but the best