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Shoot Better!

  • Experience steady crosshairs
  • Mitigate recoil
  • Manage –reduced- recoil better
  • Reacquire your target faster
  • Spot your own shots
  • Rest your bipod on vertical surfaces (e.g. trees, walls)
  • Correct canting through the rotating tubes (lock your bipod and leave it alone!)

McMillan Firearms stands as an unwavering symbol of dedication to excellence in the firearms industry. With a resolute mission to produce the finest firearms available, McMillan has firmly established itself as a brand synonymous with precision and quality.

The Custom Collection represents a comprehensive lineup of premium hunting rifles, offering a diverse range of options, from lightweight models to magnum, dangerous game, long-range, and hunting/tactical-hybrid configurations. This commitment to variety ensures that every shooter’s unique needs are met with precision and perfection.

The TAC series, renowned for its elite professional marksman appeal, boasts standard, magnum, and 50 caliber models. These firearms are engineered for the utmost precision, catering to those who demand the highest level of accuracy and performance.

McMillan’s ALIAS series takes innovation to the next level with a modular bolt action rifle that can be customized to suit a variety of purposes. Whether it’s a standard tactical, long-range, subsonic/concealable, or target configuration, the ALIAS series showcases McMillan’s commitment to versatility and adaptability.

At its core, McMillan Firearms strives to provide the highest quality firearms, firearm parts, and accessories, along with precision-machined products, to a diverse customer base. Their unwavering dedication to exceeding customer expectations is evident in their continuous improvement of processes, customer service, and quality management systems.

As a subsidiary of the Strategic Armory Corps, McMillan has taken its commitment to its mission and quality standards to new heights. The production of premium firearms takes place in the United States, crafted by American hands, for American enthusiasts, solidifying McMillan’s position as a beacon of precision and craftsmanship in the firearms industry.