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Who would have thought extending the pivot point of bipods would create so much excitement. Our blog article, Accuracy Solutions Radically Increases Your Steadiness Potential, on Rex’s Review of Accuracy Solutions, has made the headlines and was picked up by Ammoland.  To view the article click here.

Our newest submission to Ammoland, What is a Fulcrum and Why Will it Make you Shoot Straighter, was picked up too, click here to view. We look forward to working with Ammoland in the future and other online Blogs to deliver content to firearms enthusiasts everywhere.

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Accuracy Extended Newsletter

As always we appreciate our relationship with Rex Reviews and look forward to working with them in the future. Next month RX17 will take place in Dallas Texas at the Bass ProShop just North of the airport. 80 Long Range Precision Rifle enthusiasts will learn nuggets of gold from Rex and PMAC Precisions Paul McCoy. As an added bonus Daniel Gyurec will talk about why bipods need to be extended for the future of the shooting sports. To complete the two-day seminar offering are other companies within the long range space that will instill their product knowledge and expertise on the subject as well. We look forward to Huber Concepts explanation of 2 stage triggers and how creating a shortened biological response to pulling a trigger can increase your steadiness potential. John Huber’s contribution will be fascinating and educational.

On dispaly will be Accuracy Solutions’s 40X3 mounted on a rifle with a scope. The 80 lucky participant of the Fathers Day weekend event will be able to first hand experience Accuracy Extended.

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