Long Range Precision Shooters
Tiborasaurus Rex and Paul McCoy Present RX17

RX17 is a Long Range Precision Shooters Seminar hosted by YouTube personality, online reviewer and podcast host Tiborasaurus Rex (Rex Reviews) as well as accomplished rifle builder, PRS competitor, and Long Range Precision Rifle consultant Paul McCoy (PMAC Precision).  This Duo plus special guests John Huber (Huber Concepts) and Daniel Gyurec (Accuracy Solutions home of Accuracy Solutions) will educate 80 shooters on how to achieve tighter shot groupings and lengthen target hits in a 2 day classroom event just outside of Dallas, TX.

Other top secret guest will be speaking to educate attendees on the benefits of new technologies that are based on accepted principles of Long Range Precision Rifle Shooting and scientific principles.  Accuracy Solutions’s movement transmission reduction system is based on principles of spacial geometry where Daniel is educated in and has a
history of solving problems and creating products to satisfy these problems.

Accuracy Solutions Rex Reviews
Top Secret Look at Accuracy Solutions

Daniel, Managing Member of Accuracy Solutions home of Accuracy Solutions, was personally invited by Rex himself to join his team of high quality precision products Rex recommends to his viewers.  Daniel is humbled to be included in this group since Rex is yet to field test Accuracy Solutions model BXT 40X3 and Accuracy Extended is a new company in the firearms industry.

Guest speakers including Daniel will educate attendees on the technological advantages of their products and how they can benefit from these new concepts. In Accuracy Solutions’s case extending the attachment point of a bipod adds stability and accuracy due to the lever / fulcrum axiom.  The further the resting point (pivot point) of the fulcrum (bipod in this case) is from the shooter the movement from the butt stock of the rifle (lever) greatly reduces the muzzle movement at the other end of the rifle (lever).

Our friends Huber concepts were also invited since they have a 2 step trigger system that Rex raves about.  John’s invention is changing the way shooters pull their triggers, reducing any additional movement caused by this action.

We look forward to seeing John again and meeting Rex for the first time.  We also look forward to learning more about Long Range Precision Rifle Shooting and adding any information to the discussion we can.  Since this is a prerequisite to any supplemental range shooting instruction from Rex in the future we are excited to perfect the basics and look to achieve down range “Magic”.  It should be a great event and we anxiously await June 16th when the event starts on Friday during fathers day weekend.

Update 6/26/2017:

For a full report of the event click here. Also added is RX17 002 and the live fire event in Sept./Oct.

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