Showlow AZ – Charlie Mike Precision conducted a Long Range precision course during the week leading up to September 1st, where founders Charlie Melton and Phillip Hotzen II instructed they’re students on the 7 principles of marksmanship and trained on the application of those skills during live fire exercises at extreme distances. CMP students were alsoafforded the chance to test out some exciting next generation gear.

(left to right) Phillip Hotzen II, Charlie Melton, Guy Loughridge

CMP student Guy Loughridge appreciated Charlie’s instruction and commented on his time in the course saying it is, “absolutely the best”. Guy joined the 1000 yard club with the help of his spotter, Charlie Melton, using his 6.5mm Creedmoor rifle and factory PRIME ammunition. During the course of fire, Phillip Hotzen II laid down behind a prototype 6mm Creedmoor rifle and was able to achieve hits on Guy’s 1000 yd target with such ease, he was able to achieve impacts in the head region of a silhouette steel target. He was also equipped with a brand new stability platform called Accuracy Solutions by Accuracy Solutions.

Apparently, the new 1000 yard club members of the CMP course were not satisfied with their achievements and proceeded to extend the distance of their attempted shots to 1500 yards, only 260 yards shy of 1 mile! Guy commented after successfully making hits at the new range equipped with  Accuracy Solutions, “Whatever I could do at 750 was just as easy at 1500.”

6.0 Creedmoor Vahala Rifle with Accuracy Solutions Stability Platform
 Charlie Melton’s qualifications stem from a 25 year career as a US Navy Seal. Besides the awards and accolades including the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Sailor of the Quarter, and Sailor of the year for all Seal Teams, he also served as the leading Chief Petty Officer of the coveted SEAL Sniper School. Charlie had an impressive tenure at this position instructing successful warriors such as Marcus Luttrell, Matt Axelson, and the deadliest US Sniper to date, Chris Kyle (American Sniper).
Charlie was asked if he had anything to add to Guys experience with Accuracy Solutions and replied,”This thing is incredible! I’m going to start using this on all my long range stuff.”
Phillip mentioned, that Accuracy Solutions is awesome! It keeps you very steady.
 CMP first came in contact with Accuracy Solutions at Rex Review’s RX17 002 Long Range Precision Rifle Seminar held in Grapevine TX. while testing Huber Concepts Staged Break Trigger system, Charlie got behind a rifle equipped with Accuracy Solutions model BXT 40X3. He admired its stability and was certain it would be a key component to improve on his current long range precision shooting as his personal practice has been reaching distances up to and beyond two miles.

Charlie Mike Precision

Charlie Mike Precision is owned and run by Charlie Melton and Phillip Hotzen II. Phillip and Charlie met in July 2015, quickly forming a friendship. A week after mentioning to Charlie his goal of a 1000 yard shooting range, they built it. That is when Charlie began teaching him long range, as well as pistol and carbine. Following the Axelson Tactical grand opening, they received a lot of inquiries about long range training, and decided to open Charlie Mike Precision.

Accurracy Solutions

Accuracy Solutions mission is to create high quality precision products for the firearms industry.  We are the home of Accuracy Solutions, which extends the resting point of a bipod to increase stability and accuracy for rifle shooters everywhere.  Shooters are achieving Accuracy Extended.  

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