Accuracy Solutions Coming Soon!

bipod accessory

Corona, CA: Accuracy Solutions from Accuracy Solutions is a brand new rifle / bipod accessory for the firearms industry set to come out in mid April.  

This is exciting news for rifle shooters everywhere, who currently use bipods, since this sleek new product extends the resting point of their bipods for additional stability and accuracy.  

Bipod Extender

Accuracy Solutions achieves this by several factors. The carbon fiber tubing is rock solid and can absorb the weight of the gun and shooter leaning into the platform to achieve ultimate stability.The tubing also allows for the Accuracy Solutions to expand and contract to fit various shooting scenarios but most importantly extended provides unparalleled accuracy advantages over a traditional bipod mount position.   

About the Company:  

Accuracy Solutions mission is to create high quality precision products for the firearms industry.  We are the home of Accuracy Solutions which extends the resting point of a bipod to increase stability and accuracy for rifle shooters everywhere.  Shooters are achieving Accuracy Extended. 

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