I received a call from a gentleman inquiring about a Accuracy Solutions which is a new stabilization platform. He had questions since he heard a brief description about the product from Rex Reviews podcast but was interested to learn more.

Stabilization Platform BXT 40X2

One question he asked was how sturdy is the product. This was the first question Mr. John Danforth asked when Daniel, managing member of Accuracy Solutions, approached him for the first time. John, owner of Danforth Gunsmithing in Riverside, CA, stared at the close to one pound item as it laid in his giant-sized hands and rolled his eyes as he asked the same question. Now saying John is a big guy is a little bit of an understatement so when he extended the tube and leaned into it and it supported his weight we can honestly say it’s sturdy.

According to Daniel, John’s reaction was priceless since he turned from a skeptical look into one of nodding in appreciation.  John knew right away Daniel had something and agreed to be Accuracy Solutions’s first product tester.

While testing, John used the phrase rock solid to describe what he was experiencing.  Since the product is made mostly of light weight carbon fiber and the tube connectors of nylon he commented on the rock solid design of the product.  Then he also used the same phrase to describe how sturdy the platform is once you acquire the target.  The rock solid platform has no movement outside of what you want it to.  John is noted saying “Accuracy Solutions reduces reticle drift not by double but by multiples.”

Whether you are looking to minimize reticle drift or looking to extend your accuracy let Accuracy Solutions’s Stabilization Platform can help.  The cutting edge design of the stability platform will hold you steady when it matters most. Experience accuracy extended today.Pre-Orders are being accepted if you would like to be one of the first to own this product.

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