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Rex Bestowing Knowledge on the Class RX17 Seminar

Rex of Rex Reviews held the inaugural RX17 Seminar last weekend, June 16-18, in Grapevine TX, just north of Dallas Fort Worth airport. The seminar was designed as a prerequisite to the sold out live fire training scheduled for Sept./Oct. 2017. Students will learn Long Range Precision Rifle techniques to improve distance and accuracy from Rex and other expert shooters including PRS shooter and owner of PMAC, Paul McCoy.

The Seminar covered a range of information from basic topics such as the difference between MOA (minutes of angle) and Milliradians to more advanced topics on how to calculate for various factors affecting the bullet downrange. Rex wanted this class to cater to all types of shooters whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or an accomplished long-range marksman. Fellow YouTube personality and special guest James Yeager mentioned, after the first day of training, this is masters level information and attendees should be very familiar with Rex’s Sniper 101 series before attending.

Colin Burns, software engineer by day and competition shooter by night, offered his formatting on how to calculate and organize for on range adjustments. He covered calculations and tips to find the correct data to input into his excel spreadsheet system.

Paul McCoy, who shared the floor with Rex for the majority of the training seminar, spoke about tips on how to mitigate for wind and secrets about mirages and shooting in PRS competitions. McCoy brought his competition rifle to show students what type of build he had and why he chose each specific modification. That visual aide came in handy when discussing equipment selection for the upcoming live fire training.


James Yeager is Checking Out a New Proprietary Scope-Mounting Design from IOR Valdada

Rex started the event to share his knowledge of his craft, to encourage experienced shooters to improve and to open the door for the next generation of shooters to follow. Unfamiliar with how to schedule such an event James Yeager suggested to “simply advertise the place, time, and price and they will come.”

Not only was Mr. Yeager correct- they came- Yeager himself joined the 80 participants in class 001 to shine a light on topics he is familiar with including the human response to pulling the trigger and the warrior’s mind set.

After the event had concluded Rex commented:

“..we had a lot of fun here, it was awesome to see everyone in person, and it was pretty humbling that everyone was so positive and getting treated so well..”.

Rex was pleased that a “full download of information” was bestowed on his class and is excited about the live fire event. With the newly acquired knowledge his students will have, in Rex’s words, “a 25 year head start and savings of thousands of dollars in experimenting with equipment and ammo trying to figure things out.” With the basics down and equipment selection hashed out “when we get out there they can get the most bang for their buck and we’ll maximize the effect of their rifles.”

The sponsors, including Huber Concepts, and Accuracy Solutions, Home of Accuracy Solutions, played their respective roles in the Seminar. John Huber (Huber Concepts) presented on trigger timing and Daniel Gyurec (Accuracy Solutions) presented on the geometrical advantages of extending the resting point of a bipod.

Rex said:

“..if you are going to learn anything dynamic like this, it is best to learn from other people who know the secrets; so I always look for people who are experts in their fields, top in their game. I like to collect observational data and their experiences, so when I was putting this together I didn’t just want it to be 3 days of Rex walking around acting smart. I wanted to make a wider base on that tripod, sort of like Accuracy Solutions has done with their Accuracy Solutions. If you get a wider base on the system it’s going to be a steadier platform and so I reached out and touched people far away from me that had different perspectives but it all worked out very good and we will do this again”

Accuracy Solutions & Huber Concepts

Accuracy Solutions Accuracy Solutions 40X3

When asked whether he plans to continue the live seminars Rex replied: “Yes, that is something that we can definitely do in the future. It’s cool to see class 001, the experimental group, kind of a beta test actually. I think it turned out to be top notch in all reality and I think it is going to be something that will continue to evolve and I’m going to annotate it, it will adjust over time. I am very pleased how it turned out and the participation was excellent. The class had done its research and it wasn’t hard to teach these guys because they already were very familiar with the topics from the 101 series we have.”

RX17 Class 001

With RX17 001 wrapped up look for RX17 002 which is coming up in July 28-30, 2017. To stay up to date with future training sessions subscribe to Rex’s Podcast. Rex is welcoming inquiries and suggestions for future live fire events and training seminars so contact him with any questions.

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