During RX17 (Long Range Precision Rifle Seminar) Lew McCoy, of Rex Reviews Podcast, and Daniel Gyurec, inventor of Accuracy Solutions and Managing Member of Accuracy Solutions LLC., discussed how Accuracy Solutions came to be and why it will make you shoot accurate.

Mr. Gyurec first assists Lew on how to pronounce his name and explains that his family on his dad side were originally from Slovenia. This small country, next to Italy, has come to resent fame since it is the birthplace of Melanie Trump. When his father was 5 he moved to Argentina were Daniel was later born.

Daniels first impression of Rex’s performance at RX17 was one of easy and comfort which one would come to expected due to his entertaining nature and great teaching ability. Daniel added, “Rex was born for it, he is a natural and awesome presenter.” One would come accustomed to this since Rex is known for his YouTube video series on Long Range Precision Shooting and has been so comfortable in front of the camera for many years.

Daniel, along with Lew, were both blown away by the phenomenal turn out at the inaugural RX17. Daniel requested a head count due to his estimate on attendance exceeded the 80 who paid for the event. Who knew so many people want to shoot accurate from long range.

Later on during the interview Daniel goes on to talk about how he came up with Accuracy Solutions. He jokingly starts out that it might have been the bottle of wine that he was sharing with his wife. But during this time they were watching a movie that included a scene with actor Pierce Brosnan shooting his rifle at a target from a far distance away. Daniel noticed that the resting point of the rifle, on the low wall, should have been placed forward away from the shooter to gain maximum stability. At that moment Daniel seized to see the movie and the lever / fulcrum materialized instead.

Daniel’s background includes an interest in spacial geometry and shooting. Although a self proclaimed poor shooter he believes subconsciously he made the product for himself to be able to shoot better.

One reason Daniel is drawn to Geometry is the simple shapes that the science explains never change. However the more you look at the shapes you start noticing new things. The lever / fulcrum has been around as long as we know but a new application can be drawn from its principles.

 Shoot accurate rx17

Accuracy Solutions was created to extend the resting point of bipods to create a rock steady stability platform that is customizable to fit most rifle / bipod configurations and shooting scenarios. Look for the product to be released shortly and experience accuracy extended yourself.  Update: August 21st, 2017 will be the release date. Make sure to order yours today and shoot accurate

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