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What is Accuracy Solutions?


The mission of Accuracy Solutions LLC is to leverage all available exponents to solve the issue of accuracy through science and innovation. Our Goal is to make these solutions available across the industry and promote the bottom line answer, that “Accuracy is the Solution.”


Our team is comprised of dedicated individuals from around the country, with varying experiences in the firearms industry and the application of accuracy and precision in firearms training and practical application.  Our team’s dedication to innovation and to you, the shooter, is surpassed only by its willingness to never quit. Each member of our team is devoted to our mission and will never stop striding to prove to the world that “Accuracy is the Solution.”


To understand the principles behind the design of BipodeXt™ it helps to visualize a rifle as a lever and a bipod as the fulcrum on which thects, the principle of the lever/fulcrum axiom is still in effect. By using this principle of thought, we can state that the effect of force applied to one end of the lever directly translates to the effect of that force at the opposing end. As for BipodeXt™, the further out the bipod is placed the effect of movement at the toe of the rifle is drastically reduced at the muzzle.

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The TAC Series

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The ARC Series

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The Marksman Series

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Real Rex Reviews the BipodeXt™

Rex Tibor is an American long-range rifle enthusiast whose dedication to the long-range shooting community has yielded one of the most comprehensive archives of extreme-long-range precision rifle equipment reviews and extreme long-range precision-rifle video tutorial series (Sniper 101 – freely available) to date.  Although Rex is best known as an authority on extreme long-range precision rifle shooting techniques and equipment selection, like his review of the BipodeXt™, he has also provided supplemental instruction on various firearms, tactical gear, and other sporting equipment to include the formation of a commercial training company, REX Defense

F.A.S.T Chassis System

The Fontcuberta Advanced Sniper and Tactical or F.A.S.T chassis system brings a new sharpness to the idea of the cutting edge.  The F.A.S.T. chassis system was engineered in the United states by Accuracy Solutions LLC, in conjunction with Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta, master sniper and instructor with over 30 years of experience in the field of tactical application of precision rifle fire. Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel, and high-quality carbon fiber, the F.A.S.T. chassis system is compatible with clip on night vision devices and includes a machined in RRS Dovetail that runs the full length of the forend. The F.A.S.T. chassis system allows the shooter to place their bipod at the lowest point beneath the barrel to achieve the best resting position available in relation to the axis of the bore and the bipod itself. 

The F.A.S.T. chassis system also allows the shooter to quickly extend the bipod out to 31” from the recoil lug of the rifle by utilizing the F.A.S.T. clamps and the telescoping carbon fiber tubing that is integral with the forend of the F.A.S.T. chassis system. The combined efforts of all of these highly engineered features will offer the shooting the upmost potential to increase hit ratios, maximize stability, operate in an ever-changing kinetic environment, adapt to any scenario, and perform at the heist operational level truly proving Accuracy is the Solution.    

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Eduard Abril de Fontcuberta on the F.A.S.T Chasssis System

Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta and Daniel Gyurec from Accuracy Solutions discuss the FAST Chassis System during the King of 2 Miles competition in Raton, NM July of 2018. 

Valdada Optics

Valdada Tactical riflescopes are among the most advanced telescopic optics in the world. We take advantage of traditional European craftsmanship coupled with cutting edge modern design concepts and premier optical engineering to bring you the most repeatable, reliable, and optically remarkable scopes and make them available to the everyday shooter.

Valdada scopes feature tier one glass from the ledgendary SCHOTT GLASSWERKE of Germany, etched reticles, steel ball bearings, and our proprietary MC-7 Wide-Band fully-multi-coated process that includes 7 to 11 layers of coatings PER LENS SURFACE. The level of optical quality found in our glass and coating technology, translates into superior edge-to-edge resolution and clarity, extreme low light performance, unsurpassed color contrast, and excellent resolving power at extremely long ranges. All of these features combine to put Valdada Scopes at a performance level that is setting the bar higher than ever before! 


Valdada 4.8-30×56 Recon G-2

MP8 Extreme X1-Mod reticle, FFP format w/ illuminated center dot, 0.1 mrad clicks, 42 Mils of vertical adjustments, 10 mils per revolution

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1-10×26 LTS2 FFP LTS2 (Light Tactical Scope)

1-10x magnification on a 35mm main tube with our Circle Dot mil scale reticle in the FFP. Locking turrets and 35 mils of adjustment.

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IOR-Valdada 3.5-18×50 Tactical

3.5-18 x 50 35mm FFP Tactical Rifle scope
MP8 extreme X-1 digital illuminated MIL or MOA reticle

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Mark and Sam Review Valdada’s Recon G-2

Mark and Sam AfterWork is a YouTube Channel that is operated by a highly skilled couple from Western Australia. Within their repute of shooting expertise lies the coveted ELR shooting craft. Mark and Sam, working together, have accomplished some incredible feets of Extreme Long Range precision and accuracy such as their shooting of an egg at 1086 yard with a 6.5 Creedmoor, or the astonishing two mile shots with unsuspecting calibers such as a 300 Winchester magnum. 

Mark and Sam have also blessed the shooting world with high end product reviews such as the incredible analysis of the Charlie Tarac from TACOM HQ and their informative first look at the Valdada Recon G-2.

Accu-Tac Precision Bipods & Accessories

We are proud ditributors and supporters of Accu-Tac, a manufacturer of top quality and precision products for the shooting world. Accu-Tac builds products that improve the functionality of your weapon. Every product Accu-Tac made is created with a state of the art CAD/CAM system and Haas CNC equipment and is made here in the USA with American labor and ingenuity that we all can feel proud of.

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The HD-50 is designed to provide optimal stability on heavy rifle platforms and engineered to withstand to brutal forces of the .50 BMG.

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BR-4 G2 Bolt Action Bipod with the quick detach was designed to be convenient for a more grounded shot, low profile and rugged in design.

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the FC-G2 was designed for long range, target, competition, and tactical shooting

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Military and LEO Program

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Mark and Sam Review BipodeXt™

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