At Shot 2017 we made some new friends such as Chipotle Publishing who creates and distributes Small Arms Review Magazine.  They recently contacted us to send in a photo of our product and a 200 word description.  We gladly submitted the information and fortuitously had fresh photos from a product shoot earlier that week.

Accuracy Solutions BXT 40X3 Fully Extended
40X3 Fully Extended

While waiting for our friend Matt Parente at the Meopta booth I peaked around the corner to see a media booth, so I snuck over.  I inquired about a product review and the General Manager Deborah told me the gentleman in charge of reviews was away from the booth but was very helpful answering my questions about the magazine and various options we may find useful promoting our product through them.

After Shot Show I reached out to Chipotle Publishing and they were not able to connect me with the gentleman in charge of reviews immediately but about a month later they offered us a spot in the new product section in their March issue.  I’m glad they were able to see how extending the resting point of a bipod aids shooters for only one pound of additional weight.  I hope their readers also understand the additional benefits including 360 degree rotational feature that allows quick cant correction with a flip of a quick detach lever, reduction of reticle drift, and muzzle jump. We look forward to seeing what Dan Shea, new product reviewer for SAR, has to say about our product when he gets a chance to check it out.

Not only did we meet new friends such as SAR and Huber Concepts we also ran into old ones in Matt Parente.  Old in this situation being a couple of months.  Our fearless leader Daniel Gyurec met Matt over the phone on a service call for Daniel’s Meopta optic he recently purchased.  Daniel explained that we needed immediate assistance since we were to test his new product Accuracy Solutions and the missing component to the rifle was the new optic.  Matt graciously assisted Daniel and surprisingly wanted to test the product himself! We agreed that our expertise in Long Range shooting is limited and an ex military man who is a NRA certified instructor  and works in the firearms industry would be the perfect person to try the product.  The rest is history.

For Matt Parente’s product review please visit Accuracy

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