2022 Prince of .22 LR Caylus, France

Shooting .22LRs at 547 Yards!? That can’t be! Well, it is.

A brief .22 LR caliber background may be in order for those unfamiliar with it. Google would tell us that the standard range of effectiveness of the .22 LR is 150 yards. And that is not just Google; most seasoned shooters will concur. Yet, master shooters are shooting the little bullets out to 547 yards! You read that right: these absolute champions are convincingly shooting .22 LRs at over three times the distance of its officially accepted effective range. 

How do they achieve the seemingly impossible fit? They couple their vast experiences with the most advanced equipment and accessories available.

During the July 9/10, 2022 weekend, a competition known as Prince of .22 LR was held in Caylus, France.  The two members of the winning team are shooter Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta and spotter Ramón Fitó. Ramón summed up the salient points of the competition in a Spanish-language Facebook post very nicely. Below is our translation of Mr. Fitó’s post.

July 10, 2022


The Spanish duo formed by the shooter Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta and spotter Ramón Fitó win the PRINCE OF .22LR in Caylus (France), the discipline of shooting at extreme distances with the most radical .22LR firing platform in the world.

For their feat they have used a rimfire carbine manufactured in the Basque Country, it is the Bergara B14R Trainer Steel with a barrel length of only 18″, fitted with a John F Huber trigger and mounted on a Rome Lorica chassis with ABR rear adjustment.  The scope is a Leupold Mark 5HD 5-25×56 installed on a base of 20 MOAS together with a Tacomhq Charlie Tarac system, a good companion for those really long shots. The bipod extender is fundamental in this modality; it is a revolutionary telescopic system known as BipodeXt. The ammunition used in this competition has been the German RWS R-100 which thanks to its extra speed is perfect for the long-distance. 

These have been two very intense days where the binomial Fontcuberta and Fitó have fought against the wind, first to qualify among more than 80 shooters and get a place in the final, shooting at targets (metal sheets of only 30cm x30cm) placed at 200m where 5 shots are fired and the rest at 240m, 280m, and 310m where 3 shots are fired at each distance. And then already in the Grand Final of the Prince Of .22LR where the size of the targets remains the same as 30cm x 30cm and 5 shots are fired per distance, starting to impact at 400m, following at 470m, and the last target located at 500 m where they have managed to impact four of the five shots made. Crowned as the Prince of .22LR of this 2022 edition.

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