Shot Show 2018 was a great, horrible, overwhelming, magical, and unforgettable experience. The Accuracy Solutions team had no doubt it would be, due to their tireless efforts and long hours invested over the past several months leading up to the show. The planning and execution were well placed thanks to acknowledgment in the form of our acceptance into “The Club,” at the industries Holy Grail event.
Accuracy Solutions BipodeXt
(Picking up AS booth)The endless week started

Friday, prior to SHOT week, as we scrambled to pick up our new booth. We had to learn how
to break it down, re-build it, package it, load it into our Product Manager’s
pick-up truck, and determine how best to secure it so  it wouldn’t end up as an expensive highway decoration on the 5 freeway to Sin City. We debated if we
should weather proof the newly acquired 10 x 10 display, and begrudgingly
spent the 50 bucks on a tarp and a bucket of bungees, agreeing that
this would be the most professional solution. After an
eternity (30 minutes) in the parking lot, covering the precious cargo, the
votes were tallied and the unanimous decision landed the entire crew at a local
Taco Shop to fuel up for the trip. Here we experienced our first passing grade from the SHOT show gods. As we exited the Taco Shop, we noticed puddles of water, the smell of rain in the air, and the soaking wet tarp covering our prized investment. Chalk a small win up to the AS crew since the booth remained 100% free of any water damage!

Shot Show 2018 Accuracy Solutions
(AS booth set up at SHOT Show 2018)

The next 4 hours found the crew swapping lanes and listening to tunes as we crossed the desert into the great state of Nevada. We left our communist home in Santa Ana, California, behind, and welcomed the attack of the senses that is known as Las Vegas. Our arrival at the Luxor Hotel and Casino was greeted, during the wee hours of Saturday morning, by festive Friday night patrons still buzzing across and throughout Sin City’s beloved home of  recreational gambling. Though the immediate temptation was received, the lack of rest won the crew over to an instant need for replenishment. We continued our journey with closed eyes and calm minds on the luscious creations known as hotel beds. Only a few hours into the future would find the AS crew at our first event of the weekend.

Shot Show
(AS Managing Member Daniel Gyurec and crew setting up targets)


Lab Radar
(Shooters on the Zero Line)
Charlie Melton Tejas Rifles Charlie Mike Precision
(Brad Stair, Nathan Grove and Charlie Melton)


The morning, which came very quickly, found us moving at a rapid pace towards hot caffeinated beverages, and then immediately out into a brisk, but comfortable Vegas morning. Our first engagement for the week sent us back towards state line to rendezvous with our industry friends at a private shooting event in the Nevada desert. The unknown
destination was roughly 20 miles outside Vegas and apparently 50 degrees colder in the harsh winter winds! Despite the regret of a couple of our team members, due to their accompanied wardrobe selection, we met up with our friends from
Ritter & Stark, along with Charlie Melton and the Charlie Mike Precision crew. Brad Stair (inventor of the TEJAS cartridge) from Performance Guns joined us as well, along with friend Justin Pearson of Asymetric Firearms, and a few other patrons along for the shoot. The rifles quickly began to fly out of their travel cases and the shooters began
setting up to get their zeros at 100 yards.

Accu-Tac BipodeXt
(The Buffet)

The CMP boys came over to our Product Manager, Seth, shortly after to check out BipodeXt’s new TAC models and Accu-Tac bipods! Seth brought a full selection of bipods, three TAC III’s, and a TAC II for the guys to try out on there heavy magnum rigs! It wasn’t long before Charlie Melton had a TAC III and one of the new HD-50 Accu-Tac bipods strapped to his Ritter and Stark SLX .338 LM. The Ritter and Stark shooters, who would be competing in the ELR World Record shoot the next day, hosted by our friend Eduardo Abril de
Fontcuberta (we will get to him shortly), both strapped TAC III’s and Accu-Tac’s to their R&S SLX .338 LM’s to try out as well!

Ritter and Stark BipodeXt Sniper
(A mile down range)


After sending about 100 rounds downrange with
every caliber the SLX could be converted to (SLX is a switch barrel .308 Win,
.300 WM, and .338 LM) at the zero line, a group consisting of Nathan Grove
(R&S USA Sales Director), the two competitors shooting in the ELR event,
Justin , and Seth headed way back up the opposite mountains from the target to stretch the legs of the weapon systems just over 1 mile! The top notch marksmen from R&S had no problem landing their impacts right where their spotters Seth and Nate directed. All parties were exemplifying the true skill and fortitude required to work as a team and deliver precision fire from extreme long range! What an amazing day in the desert around some incredible shooters! 

(Calibrating compass and gathering atmospheric
data @ one mile)




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