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What is the Fontcuberta Advanced Sniper & Tactical (F.A.S.T.) Chassis System?

It is the most advanced sniper & tactical chassis to date. It is an amazing collection of both patented and patent-pending technologies, all brought to you at a very reasonable price.  Simply put, the F.A.S.T. Chassis is the most advanced chassis system that money can buy, by far.

The F.A.S.T. Chassis is the result of a collaborative effort between three parties: world-renowned shooter and master sniper instructor Mr. Eduardo Abril de FontcubertaMcRee Precision LLC and Accuracy Solutions LLC….[expand title=”Read More”]

….Eduardo is the creator of the extreme long range competition known as King of 2 Miles. As of this writing (October 2019) he is the Director of the Steyr Arms Training Academy, he is also the author of the book titled 100+ Sniper Exercises.   McRee Precission has been manufacturing top quality, patent-protected firearms solutions for decades. Accuracy Solutions LLC has developed the most advanced, patents-pending rifle stabilization technology since the invention of the modern rifle. The combined wealth of knowledge and expertise of these three entities has fused into something that can only be described as an absolute game changer: the F.A.S.T. Chassis system.

The F.A.S.T. Chassis system incorporates Accuracy Solutions’ proprietary bipod extension system, BipodeXt ™, into a modern rifle chassis designed to optimize shooter stability, recoil mitigation, recoil management and increased performance during follow on shots. It is compatible with clip-on night vision devices and includes a machined-in ARCA Swiss rail that runs the full length of the fore-end. The combination of these highly engineered features offers the shooter the utmost potential to increase hit ratios, maximize stability, operate in an ever-changing kinetic environment, adapt to any scenario, and perform at the heist operational level, truly proving that Accuracy is the Solution.

The FAST chassis is the combination of patented and patent-pending technologies, currently in use by a wide spectrum of users including domestic and foreign law enforcement personnel, military personnel, competitive shooters and shooting enthusiasts in general.


Archimedes’ Lever

To understand the principles behind the design of the F.A.S.T. Chassis it helps to visualize a rifle as a lever and a bipod as the fulcrum on which the lever rests.

BipodeXt uses the Lever/Fulcrum axiom but, to say it colloquially, it uses it the other way around.  BipodeXt takes the Moment of Force (the shooter’s unintended movements) at the short end of the proverbial Lever and moves the Fulcrum further into the long end of the Lever (read: closer to the muzzle). The result is that the shooter’s unintended movements down along the long end of the Lever are reduced.  For our purposes, the “long end of the Lever”  is that imaginary line going through the center of the barrel to the intended target.

F.A.S.T. Features

Adjustable Buttstock

Multiple adjustment points to fit any shooter

  • Rock solid folding buttstock mechanism
  • Adjustable length of pull
  • Adjustable cheek pieces
  • Adjustable butt pad height
  • Rear bag rider and mono­pods ready and available

Adaptable Forend

Built in arca swiss rail with additional mounting points

  • ARCA Swiss rail built-in, the entire length of the fore-end. 
  • Should you wish to attach rails or other accessories to the bottom of the fore-end, five 10-32 tapped holes are there to serve your needs.

Bipod Extension

Integral bipodext technology

  • Contracted state distance from recoil lug to bipod’s attachment point: 14.5”
  •  Extended state distance from recoil lug to bipod’s attachment point: 29.5

M-LEV built-in leveling system

Ensures you’re always shooting level

  • Patented integral M-LEV leveling system

More information available at

Bipod Extension

Front Plug ARCA & Picatinny

  • Compatible with Picatinny, Harris and Arca Swiss type bipod mounting systems

Self-Aligning “W” bed.

Ensures optimal mounting to your action

  • Patented self-aligning, self-bedding “W” bed; this self-aligning system eliminates traditional bedding needs.

More information available at

How it works

Short video demonstrating how easy it is to operate the F.A.S.T. chassis’ features

Shop F.A.S.T. Chassis

Shop F.A.S.T. Chassis

F.A.S.T. Chassis Review from TiborasaurusRex aka @rex_reviews

Shop F.A.S.T. Chassis

Shop F.A.S.T. Chassis

F.A.S.T. Specifications


  • A Remington 700 Short Action F.A.S.T. Chassis weighs 6 lbs 4 oz. (2.9 kg.).
  • The big bores (Stiller TAC 408 and JJ Rock Co,’s SuperXl) weigh in at an average of 7 lbs. 3 oz.
  • Most popular action types weigh less than over 6 lbs. 6 oz.


Final dimensions vary slightly, depending on any given type of action.  A Remington 700 Long Action has the following dimensions:

Overall length with buttstock folded and BipodeXt’s tubes contracted: 30 inches

    Overall length with buttstock engaged and BipodeXt’s tubes extended: 52 inches


  • American-sourced 6061-T6 aluminum
  • American-sourced 3K carbon fiber tubes
  • Cerakote and MIL-SPEC Hard Anodize coatings.


  • The most popular Remingtons,  Savages and Tikkas are regularly in stock, and so are the Stiller’s TAC 408 and JJ Rock Co.’s SuperXl.
  • Less popular actions are available and typically ship out within two to four weeks. For a list of the 55 different actions available please click here.


Raw materials sourced, and proudly manufactured here, in the USA.


Picatinny (1913 MIL-STD) or ARCA Swiss rail, your choice. Our Front Plug, the element to which the bipod is attached, can take both.




Chassis Accessories

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