Guess who we ran into at the Shot Show 2017? None other than the guys at Huber Concepts. We recognized them right away since they make a trigger that Rex from Rex Reviews recommends for  his rifle builds.

Since Accuracy Solutions is new to the firearms industry we were a little caught off guard when CFO of Huber Concepts, Diz Disbrow, without meeting us prior to the Manufacturer Show, gave us all big hugs.  We noticed throughout the show hugs are equivalent to a hand shake in most industries. Then John Huber (pictured below)immediately jumps up and does the same.  Image result for huber concepts

What made the chance meeting even more memorable is Daniel, managing member of Accuracy Solutions home of Accuracy Solutions, could not stop talking about Thibosaurus Rex and how we need him to review our product.  Also both our products are geared towards precision shooters so we knew we made a strong bond with the right group of guys.

When the show started up the following day we followed the crowds of media and industry professionals into the Sands Expo.  We started moving through the smaller ballrooms focusing on new products and law enforcement.

When it was time for a coffee break we took full advantage of the NSSF lounge since we were members.  Guess who was there as if he was following us since yesterday but Diz with another hug and big smile.  We continued to see Diz all week as if we were being forced to see each other.

After Shot Show we have continued our relationship with Huber Concepts and we look forward to spending time with them at next years show.

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